Wedding in Gers, in the Domaine du Calaoué

An authentic marriage for an accomplice couple

The arrival on the domaine of Calaoué is done by this long shady path. Typical of what is hidden in the center of such a green setting, the area is beautiful. The central building is sumptuous. Here will take place the preparations, then the accommodation of the bride and groom and their close family. Two gardens make it possible to create two distinct ambiences at the time of the wine of honor and pictures of groups. Then, a little out of the way, the imposing building in which the wedding dinner and the dancing evening will take place. The lanterns arranged all around frame the location of the wine of honor. Greenery and country decor promise an intimate and casual cocktail, just like the newlyweds.

I enter the Château du Calaoué in order to join Myriam, who is now watching her witness beautify herself under the expert fingers of the makeup-hairdresser. It is with this stage of ascent of impatience that will begin my report. The decoration of the Château du Calaoué is such that the exterior aspect gives hope: well maintained and tastefully developed. The damsels evolve perfectly at their ease around the bride in this enchanting environment.

My impression of attending an intimate wedding is confirmed very quickly. The witnesses present are very close to the bride and groom, linking very strong ties, as well as the family. The scenes of conniving and teasing between friends and future husbands are chained together and set up a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. When we arrive at the church, this impression is no longer one. Indeed, the church is a small chapel built on the edge of a small road, isolated from everything. No other building on the horizon. All the steps in this marriage suggest simplicity, joy and intimacy. The image of the bride and groom.

When the different words are taken during the traditional speeches to the bride and groom, the emotions invade the new spouses and they let themselves be caught by the loving attentions of their loved ones. Family and friends join in praise of these two lovebirds and carry the emotion to its height. At the church with a lot of solemnity, at the meal with more lightness, but in all cases with this sincerity which is the imprint of this magnificent wedding day. The newlyweds are positively thrilled.

I returned from this marriage to the Domaine du Calaoué enchanted to have been the witness of this Union.

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