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Wedding photographer

Professional photographer specializing in wedding, I am available around Bordeaux of course but also everywhere in France. I put all my art and my know-how to give the future newlyweds the most beautiful wedding photos in Gironde.

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The wedding

A wedding is a strong, unique moment. A sublime stage on the journey of a couple like few in a lifetime. This long-prepared day passes quickly. Everything fits together and every cog should be ready to go. I am professional and specialized in wedding reports. So count on me to be part of these cogs so important on D-Day so you can be reassured and enjoy your wedding day!

My goal is to make a testimony of your day in order to be able to live again and again, through your images, what always passes too quickly! I will tell your wedding story in a report, following you discreetly, in order to capture all these moments, all these emotions that will follow one another on this magnificent occasion. My images testify to a research combining aesthetics and emotion. My most beautiful photos have the ambition to transcribe what they have captured of joy, happiness, tenderness and effusions with which the nuptials are so profuse!

All stages of your marriage are unique. The wedding reports that I offer start with the preparations and can last until the evening. As a photographer specializing in weddings, I know perfectly well those moments with their own tones, with so different atmospheres that quickly follow one another on this day.

My images tell about your day: follow the report to relive these moments captured by a professional. You and your guests will be at the center of this pictorial testimony. The different moments that follow, but also all the details to which you have attached so much importance in your preparations will of course find their place in my wedding report.

Some answers to questions about the wedding photographer !

Find your wedding photographer

Congratulations, you have decided to unite in front of your loved ones, and you are preparing a perfect day for this occasion. Perfect ! The providers you will need are crucial to a perfect day, so your wedding is perfect. Several types of photographers are available to cover your wedding. The choice of a professional already implies a larger envelope, but the quality is often at the rendezvous. You can read this article that discusses the topic of professional or amateur photographer in the world of marriage.

Some tips for your wedding photographer in Bordeaux

First of all, you have to realize that your photographer will follow you during one of the most beautiful days of your life. The human side is not to be neglected. This is entirely part of the work of an event such as the wedding, especially the photographer, so close to the bride and groom all day and in contact with all guests! Your providers surround you and represent you, choose them aware of this. This is the first compliment I receive at weddings as a photographer, even before the photos are delivered, and for your guests it matters!

But then the style, the price the photographer’s offers?

Of course, all this comes into account when choosing the photographer. You can direct your research to a photographer in the classic style, posed, or look for something more spontaneous and bright, as what I propose in my photo reports for example! You can also find very marked styles, in rather short modes, close to Instagram filters for example … Head to what you really like, your photos are the memories that you keep your whole life, the testimony that you keep of your wedding. Fashion is happening, so my work is part of an authentic and timeless line.

How to find my wedding photographer in Bordeaux?

You obviously use the internet, which guided you here! The results of research on wedding photographers in Bordeaux will only show you better positioned, and not the photographers that suit you the most for your wedding! To avoid a tedious search on the wedding photo, you can then head to wedding blogs. These blogs are mines of information about the world of marriage, and of course each blog has its own identity. So when a wedding blog suits you, the photographers listed here can match your style.

A wedding photographer who is attentive and aware of your desires

That’s what you’re looking for! And to find it, ask questions! The more your wedding photographer responds to you, the more you will have an idea of ​​his way of doing things, of his personality and a relationship of trust can be created! And of course he will be able to guide you and meet all your expectations, much easier than if you suppose he knows without having ever spoken!

Here are some tips in this important search for your photographer, for a day so important as your wedding day! Excellent continuation in your preparations, and it will be a pleasure to be of service to you!

Who am I ?

Native of Brive-la-Gaillarde Corrèze, in the wild middle of France, and having explored the southwest, I finally settled down in the beautiful city of Bordeaux, located in the amazing south west France. I move nevertheless in all the country and will accompany you on all the possible wedding types! Members of a religious order of any edge, laic ceremonies, civilians, the emotions and the spontaneity will always be there to guide my eyes. Specialized in the humanist photography, I like giving a sense to my photos. What a better way to share this vision that to tell the story of  weddings ? Indeed, weddings, the union of two people who choose themselves and who express it in front of their families and friends, where could i found more passion, more joy, more love ? Through the thread of my photos, I tell what I witness. My esthetic choices serve this idea of faithful and artistic testimony : I always work in natural light and my photos are bright. Indeed, I see the marriage as something pure and bright, so emotional. I always manage my work with an artistic eye, with the aim of retranscribing this vision of the marriage. If you like what you discover on this site, do not hesitate to contact me, we shall draw up together a project which corresponds to you !

Let’s meet !

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