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Your wedding photo report

Here is the least I will do for your wedding :

  • I will follow you, using natural light only from you celebration until the end of the reception, or “vin d’honneur”.
  • Your photographs (between 500 et 800) in High-Definition on an USB drive and on a web galerie, secured with a password, for you and your guests.
  • 20 photographic prints in 20*30 cm, in high quality, chose among your best pictures.
  • I will be by your sides from our first contact until the so expected marvellous day ! (our rendez-vous and others chats to be sure we are on the same wavelength )

Prices starts at  1 490 €

On this basic package, you can add a lots of options to create the package with everything you need in a budget you can afford :

– Starting at the very begining : I’ll be there for the make-up, the hairdressing and everything that will make you and your soulmate so beautiful this day ! This moment is really intimist, bride and groom are with the closest friends and family, the excitement is growing !

– Include the diner and the evening : the atmosphere is more relaxed and joy is everywhere. Speeches and surprises are ones of my favorites parts of the day, sometimes funny, sometimes touching, most of the time both !

– Wedding album : many options are available, chose your size ! (see prices here).

– Photobooth and accessories for your reception (vin d’honneur) and/or your evening. It is the best way to entertain your guests in a really funny way and this will creat unforgatable memories. Fun garanteed !

– Engagement photoshoot: taking place on a different date, this shooting session is a peacefull and privileged moment between the two of you. It can symbolise your engagement. It can also takes place after the wedding and be a “trash the dress” or just a very good vay to extend the unique day that always flys to fast !

– And everything that you want to include in your wedding package of course !



solo / duo

45 minutes

After the session, you will have :

  • 4 prints 13×18 cm that you will select from a web galery. More prints in options of course.

Prices starts at

79 €

Options (prices depends on size and pages) :

–  Prestige Album , photographic enlargement, frames…

You like the style but your needs aren’t about wedding ? For all kinds of request, please describe it in your mail and I will do my best to satisfy you !

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